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analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography | May 6 – 14, 2016
analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography | May 6 – 14, 2016

analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography | May 6 – 14, 2016

© René Schäffer

© René Schäffer

analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography // Festival für analoge Fotografie

analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography // Festival für analoge Fotografie

analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography | May 6 – 14, 2016© René SchäfferanalogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography // Festival für analoge Fotografie


analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography
May 6 – 14, 2016

Opening: Friday, May 6, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Opening hours: daily from 11h
Admission free


The analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography takes place from 6th to 14th of May 2016 in Berlin, Lichtenberg.
Berlin-based cultural curators create a space for exchange about analogue photography adressing a wide audience from amateurs to professionals.

This year the festival sets the focus on manipulation. A group exhibition showcases contemporary, international positions on Manipulation techniques in analogue photography and innovative photobooks. Additionally the festival offers workshops, guided tours, keynotes and panels as well as a film evening, live music and a network-brunch.


The broad exhibition presents positions of young photographers and artists from Europe who work with analogue techniques using their ways to manipulate and change the representation in their medium. The exhibition showcases many forms which manipulations can take, including experiments with light, cameras and darkrooms, interactions with digital processes, installations and views of alternative and deformed realities. Parts of the exhibited techniques can be applied in numerous workshops, for example working with pin hole cameras or sustainable developers such as coffee or beetroot.

The keynotes and panels deal with different cultural and visual phenomenons in photography during the digital turn in the past 20 years. Scientists, industry representatives and artists discuss the character of authenticity of analogue photography in interactions with the digital world and the meaning of the photobook in art.

Different participants of photography festivals from all over Europe come to together to discuss the possibilities of working together on an international level and creating an international platform. This panel is accompanied by the network brunch, that connects representatives of the creative industry, photo related institutions and professional photographers and enables possible co-operations. Furthermore there are special offers for children, school classes and individuals with cognitive disabilities.

With its focus on contemporary analogue photography, the festival is unique in Germany. The first edition held in in January 2015 was very successful and frequented by over 2500 visitors.

analogueNOW! – Festival for analogue Photography is a project by CLICK e.V. and takes place with the friendly support of the forwarding company Ullrich GmbH in their premises in Siegfriedstrasse 49-60 in Lichtenberg.

Main exhibition | Artists:
Katharina Ira Allenberg | Melanie King | georgia Krawiec | Ute Lindner | Harald Mairböck | Jose Romussi | René Schäffer | Akiyasu Shimizu | Paul Stephani | Regina Stiegeler | Dunkelstrom Kollektiv

curated by Silvia Gaetti

Further participants & artists:
Nico Baumgarten | Julia Borissova | Elena Capra | Nicoló Degiorgis | Jonas Feige | Kirill Golovchenko | Aras Gökten | Dagmar Kolatschny | Birgit Krause | Nico Krebs & Taiyo Ontorato | Andreas Krufczik | Calin Kruse | Katarzyna Mazur | Regine Petersen | Florian Reischauer | Kamil Sobolewski | Mariya Ustymenko | Tine Hutzel | Mehran Karimi | Katia Klose | Caroline Meyer-Juershof | Chantal Alexandra Pilsl | Jan Poppenhagen | Aleksandra Rieder-Kollesinska | Natascha Schäfer | Michaela Stout | Nadine Torneri | Heidi Trostel | Prof. Dr. Dirk Labbude | Thomas Gust | Sara-Lena Maierhofer | Norbert Wiesneth | Prof. Dr. Susanne Holschbach | Dr. Enno Kaufhold | Henning Serger | Peter Boesch | Brittonie Fletcher | Emil Kindlein | Tom Eric Schmidt | Isabelle Grubert | Dagie Brundert | Corinna Micori | Clemens Hegger | Marwan El-Mozayen | Anna Morley & Kaio Moraes | The Funk Express | Plestic | Kindlein – The Poem Jockey | Fuji Kureta | Richard Ungethüm & Dominik Hisslinger | Helen Fry | Mother of the Unicorn | Niklaus Katzorke | Hannes Wanderer

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