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© Pola Esther

Solo Exhibition


Pola Esther

Vernissage: Mittwoch, 18. November 2015, 19-22h (Facebook Event)
Ausstellung: 19. November 2015 – 3. Januar 2016
Ort: U-Bahn Station Kleistpark U7


(keine dt. Beschreibung verfügbar)

PLATFORM Berlin can barely suppress the wild excitement to invite you to join us for Pola Esther’s EYE EAT YOU! A sensual explosion is sure to take hold with herbal elixirs, musical explorations and electrifying flower blossoms. And for the realists among us, vodka too.

About the artist

Pola Esther is a photographer from Poland and based in NYC. PLATFORM Berlin will be showing a series of 11 photographs presented in five separate installations from 18th of November to 3rd of January. The installations will change approximately every ten days to create a sequential narrative of Pola’s explorations in sensuality, nourishment and arousal.

About PLATFORM Berlin

PLATFORM Berlin exhibits art installations in unused and ordinarily commercial spaces on the underground rail line in Berlin.
PLATFORM Berlin is currently located at the upper-level platform at Kleistpark U-Bahn Station on the U7 line. The installation is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Event Details

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