Martina Hoogland Ivanow

PiB Interview Nº12 | January 2020

Dieses Interview ist nur auf Englisch verfügbar – aber erfahre mehr über Martina Hoogland Ivanows Arbeiten in PiBs Feature zu ihrer aktuellen Einzelausstellung in der Dorothée Nilsson Gallery Berlin!

Enjoy the #PiBinterview Nº12 in the series »7 Questions for…«, this time with the artist Martina Hoogland Ivanow!

PiB: Welcome Martina! Would you please introduce yourself?

MHI: My name is Martina Hoogland Ivanow and I am an artist based in Stockholm.
My method of work revolves around the use of photography and film but also more and more towards sculpture. The process is a non-linear associative documentation using new technology with analog cameras and darkroom techniques. The last couple of years most works are based on documentation of social structures and their different approaches to trust and fear, some of this work currently showing at Dorothee Nilsson Gallery, Berlin.

PiB: How/when did you get involved with photography, and what does photography mean to you?

MHI: I started working with photography at a very young age, before Art School in Paris and later New York. I see it as collaboration (or a good excuse) to explore different social structures. The editing process is quite close to film editing and takes time, how one image relates to another is the main focus. I enjoy the fact that it is a process where I can collaborate with others in parts but also have alone time in the studio; editing, researching or darkroom work. It gives a certain Social-Hermit approach to life at work that I like.

PiB: What are you currently working on, and do you already have a next project in mind?

MHI: At the moment I am studying a lot! First I am part of a post-graduate course, Materialities at the Art akademi in Stockholm. The course focuses mainly on new technology and intangible art, like sound, hypnosis and optical illusions but I also participate in another course; Naturliv, where we try to find methods to return or experiment with a collective life in nature inspired by life and methods of hunters and gatherers. The course runs over weekends during all seasons and is both theoretical and practical. The question is, does the forest want us to return, are we welcome back? The agony of our time from an environmental perspective, we know what we should do, while it is so hard to live up to the hope of a real change.

PiB: Who/what inspires you?

MHI: I get inspiration from many various places or situations as I am sure most artists do. But I would say that I mainly get work done based on what seems to be the Elephant in the room, for me the work with photography and film has become an exploration and documentation of different behavior patterns where much in the process is based on removing or changing information and perception.

PiB: What would you like to change in your surroundings – or in the world – if you had the possibility?

MHI: In the world, I would say most current things, but we could start will the economical structure so that some change would be possible.

PiB: What do you most appreciate in your friends?

MHI: I have many friends but I guess, partly loyal catlike qualities with quirky joyfullnes and a bit of dark humor maybe?

PiB: What place in the world makes you happy/calm?

MHI: Fårö, New York and Berlin.

PiB: Thank you for this interview, Martina Hoogland Ivanow!

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