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Starting in Summer 2018, PiB would like to give selected artists & protagonists from Berlin’s photography scene the opportunity to share insights into their artistic work, their current/upcoming projects, or even their daily life with PiB’s international audience – by taking over PiB’s Instagram feed for a week!

Submissions are welcome from all professionals involved in the fine art & documentary photography scene in Berlin – be it as an artist, curator, gallery owner, writer, etc.

If you’d like to #takeoverPiB, please prepare a PDF (in English), with…
– your website
– your Instagram profile
– a short introduction about you
– and a concept/outline of the contents you’d like to share.
Ideally also include a selection of 5 – 10 images, along with a brief text for each image/post.

Please transfer your PDF via
Thank you!

Open Call
Ongoing, no deadline, no submission fee

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Entdecke spannende Fotografieausstellungen in Berlin – im neuen PiB Guide Nº25 JULI/AUG 2019! Diese Ausgabe von PiBs zweimonatlichem Kunstführer ist erschienen als A6 Booklet · 32 Seiten · mit Texten auf Deutsch & Englisch. Weltweiter Versand.

Bestelle Dein Exemplar!
Anm. d. Red.: Einreichungen für die Veröffentlichung in PiBs kommender Printausgabe sind aktuell willkommen! Druckschluss für den PiB Guide Nº26 SEP/OKT 2019 ist der 13. August 2019.

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Promote Your Photographic Publication Via PiB!
Promote Your Photographic Publication Via PiB!

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…with PiB to a dedicated audience of art & photography enthusiasts in Berlin & beyond!
A feature is possible in PiB’s print issue and/or online.
Photobooks should (in the broadest sense) have a thematic reference to Berlin,
photography magazines on the other hand can comprise various topics.
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