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»John Gossage & Brad Feuerhelm Workshop«

von Berlin Foto Kiez

(Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt, von daher ist keine dt. Beschreibung verfügbar;)

Psychogeography is the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals“ Guy Debord, (Critique of Urban Geography, 1955)

The collaboration of John Gossage and Brad Feuerhelm is a special combination for a truly unique photography workshop. The theme of this 5 day workshop is ‘Time and the City’ and proposes a visual exploration of Berlin from the perspective of a psychogeographic attitude. Participants will be encouraged to actively engage with the urban environment as ‘drifters’ with a purpose of developing strategies of navigation from predictable paths to stimulate new visual and psychological awareness. Berlin is a city of paradox by virtue of its dual histories of militarism and intellectual/artistic freedom. Contemporary Berlin is a city born from trauma and division with many ghosts of its past ever present in the atmosphere. This thriving metropolis is the European center of creative expression and this workshop will be a celebration of its hard fought struggle.

John Gossage

John Gossage is a highly regarded and award winning American photographer known for his determined yet sensitive explorations of the under-recognised urban environment. He employs a mix of documentary and conceptual approaches to his projects, and always with a heightened visual awareness suffused with a quiet and considered attitude. His many published photobooks have been highly influential to a generation of photographers, most notably The Pond and Berlin in the Time of the Wall. The Pond, is a ground-breaking study of an un-kempt area of woodland on the periphery of a city first published in 1985, is an antithesis to the tradition of the romantic representations of the American landscape. Berlin in the Time of the Wall, published in 2004, is described by Gerry Badger as ‘Gossage’s Berlin work (that) will surely be regarded as one of the more significant bodies of landscape work from the 1980’s. It is a fascinating mediation on place, history, politics, and the power of photography – not only to document, but as Henry James put it, ‘give out’ its secrets to the participant at once so interested and so detached as to be moved to make a report of the matter.‘ Gossage was taught by Lisette Model, Alexey Brodovich and Bruce Davidson. He was born in New York but lives in Washington, D.C.

Brad Feuerhelm

Brad Feuerhelm is a prolific American artist, writer, curator and notable collector of photographs, both vernacular and artistic that possess difficult or different qualities. Since 2014 Feuerhelm has been the managing editor of American Suburb X and consistently writes for the magazine. His most recent photobook, Goodbye America published in 2016, is a critique of the representation of the American ideal, expressed via destroyed photographs of perfectly ‘innocent‘ snapshot moments. Feuerhelm has written for many publications including Hotshoe and 1000 Words and has curated numerous exhibitons including Haunting the Chapel, Photography and Dissolution, at the Daniel Blau gallery in London.

For all further details & the application please visit the Berlin Foto Kiez website!


Workshop: Nov 14 — 18, 2017
Bewerbungsschluss: 26. Okt 2017


Workshop Venue TBA
[Kreuzberg | Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg]

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